Thursday, February 27, 2014

Search for the Perfect Day Documentary Update

We....are.....almost....done. Have we faced challenges and unforeseen obstacles in producing our documentary, "The Search for the Perfect Day" ? Heck yes. We quickly maxed out our capabilities on all of our computers while editing six weeks of HD video, and as a result we've rented community space at Northwest Documentary in Portland to have access to superior equipment. This has been great, except we're limited to editing only two days a week. That being said we are very close to finishing the movie. We wanted to show you a snippet of what we've been toiling over for almost a year. Here is a little sneak peak: We're excited to get this project and message out there! OSOM stickers and T-shirts for our Kickstarter backers will start shipping out very soon. Thank you all for your support, and please remember; When you see litter, just pick it up!

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