Thursday, January 31, 2013

Shooting the Search for the Perfect Day. Episode 1: The Redwood Coast

We just finished 9 days of shooting for Episode 1 on location from the Redwood Coast of California near the Oregon border to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. We conducted interviews with dozens of people from all walks of life, and many of the top names in the world of sea kayaking. We feel honored that each one took the time to share their love for nature with us.

Amazing beauty was captured while fly fishing the Smith River, and creating art in Stout Grove in Redwood National Park. 
We documented an incredible kayak surf session at Bolinas, CA, and some beautiful imagery of sea kayaking near the Golden Gate Bridge. 

We gave a presentation and ran a cleanup contest at the Golden Gate Sea Kayak Symposium, and cleaned several beaches along the way.
Of course we're saving the best stuff for the video series :)
We have only a few days to left reach our funding goal on our Kickstarter page. If we don't make it by 5pm EST on February 7th, your card will not be charged, and we will not receive any of your pledges. We're used to giving back, and asking for money is not really our thing. Unfortunately it is necessary to continue our work, which we wholeheartedly believe in. Please pledge and help us raise awareness of our plastic problem and inspire others to take action. We believe in the mission of The Search for the Perfect Day and we hope you do to!

With your pledge, we will continue on to shooting  Episode 2: the Florida Everglades & Keys next (Feb. 13-25), and Episode 3: Kauai, Hawaii (March 7-15).  Both of these locations bring a picture postcard image of palm trees and beautiful beaches. What you don't see is that just out of frame, there is plastic pollution. This is what our video aims to capture. 
West Coast USA, Florida, and Hawaii are among several places that suffer from their proximity to strong ocean currents and gyres. These trash collecting vortexes spit their floating plastic debris on to the shorelines of each location. We want to capture the beauty and the beast and showcase our consumption's impact on the natural world, as well as document why these places (and all places) are worth caring for.

We will capture exploration and adventure via paddling, surfing, fishing, hiking, camping, and climbing. Immersing ourselves in local culture, and enveloping ourselves in the natural world while taking the time to appreciate it; This is what the Search for the Perfect Day is all about. 

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Thank you for your support from all of us at Team OSOM!

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