Sunday, January 13, 2013

Exploring Caves by Sea Kayak on the Oregon Coast

We're one week in to our Kickstarter fundraising campaign to help support our current project, "The Search for the Perfect Day".

At the time of posting, we've raised 20% of the funds needed with twenty-five days left to reach our goal. If we don't hit our target, we won't receive any of the pledges, although if we continue at this pace we feel confident we'll get there.

We truly appreciate everyone who has supported this project so. If you haven't yet, we've got some great items like OSOM decals, T-shirts, photo calendars, and you can pre-order the DVD's as well. Click the Kickstarter link above for details.

We made this video of Team Member Chris Bensch exploring caves by sea kayak on the Oregon coast to help support our campaign. We hope you enjoy it, and we hope you will join us in our mission to inspire people to get outside and into nature.

Thank you!

-Team OSOM

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