Monday, July 29, 2013

2013 Season Update

2013 Has been an incredible year so far for Team OSOM and we thought we'd share some of the highlights. We have seen our campaign to inspire and motivate others to get outdoors and take an active roll in the stewardship of the places we play grow at it's most rapid pace yet. We made new friends and spread our message; "Just Pick It Up!" all across North America with boots on the ground during shooting for our Search for the Perfect Day film project. We are hard at work editing and producing this project with the goal of completion set in August.

Our online campaign continues to grow, with our Facebook page quickly approaching 3000 fans from all over the world. Our Never Ending Cleanup Contest has had more entries than ever before with contestants participating from all 50 U.S. states and 18 countries around the globe. We estimate contest participants removed over twenty thousand pounds of litter so far in 2013 and we're just over half way through the year! 

Through social media, articles published in magazines and the web, and presentations at events around the U.S., our message is reaching on average five million people a week. 2013 has been hugely successful for OSOM and our mission, and we're working hard to continue that growth. 

OSOM's 2013 Highlights:

January 2013: 
-Search for the Perfect Day Episode 1 filming begins on location in Northern California:

-Coaching, presentation, and Cleanup Contest at Golden Gate Sea Kayak Symposium.
-OSOM featured in 2013 Stohlquist Waterware catalog and web page.

February 2013:
-OSOM successfully raised $10,000 through a crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter to help finance the Search for the Perfect Day film project.
-Shooting for Search for the Perfect Day Episode 2 begins on location in SW Florida, Everglades, and Keys.

-Coaching, presentation, and cleanup at Sweetwater's Florida Gulf Coast Sea Kayak Symposium in St. Petersburg, FL
-Shay Bickley photo by Fred Marmsater published in Adventure Kayak Magazine.

March 2013:
-Shooting for Search for the Perfect Day Episode 3 begins on location in Kauai.

-Chris Bensch competes in 2013 Santa Cruz Kayak Surf Festival.
 -Jason Self & Shay Bickley photo by Fred Marmsater published in Canoe & Kayak Magazine's 40th Anniversary Issue.

April 2013:
-Feature article about OSOM's 2012 Trashpedition published in Sea Kayaker Magazine.
-Presentation for Oregon Ocean Paddling Society
-Search for the Perfect Day trailer premiered at Reel Paddling Film Fest in Portland, Oregon.
-Jason featured guest on Kayak Fishing Radio's Double L Show.

May 2013: 
-OSOM feature article by Neil Schulman published in Adventure Kayak Magazine.
-Jason & Shay join Team Sea Kayaker.

June 2013:
-OSOM feature article on Canoe & Kayak Magazine's website.
-OSOM successfully petitions US Forest Service to bring back "Keep America Beautiful" PSA's.
-NY Times announces the return of Keep America Beautiful PSA campaign.

July 2013:
-OSOM joins forces with Portland Rising Tide for "Draw the Line": A climate action and kayak blockade of the Columbia River  to protest proposed oil, gas, and coal terminals on the lower Columbia.
This growth hasn't come without challenges. Within a week of returning from filming in Kauai for the Search for the Perfect Day at the end of March, Team Member Shay noticed several irregular masses in her abdomen, and was taken to the hospital for tests. On April 22nd she underwent major surgery to remove nine benign tumors averaging about 10cm in diameter each. Her recovery was complicated by anemia from blood loss during surgery, but now three months later she is returning to normal, and was able to start kayaking again in mid July. Feeling the full affects of Shay's temporary hiatus, OSOM's productivity slowed a bit during this time period, and was complicated by the near-end of our main camera; the Canon 5D Mark II. We're elated to have both Shay and the 5D back in full working order!

What's to come for the rest of 2013?

August 2013: 
-Completion of editing Search for the Perfect Day and entry in to film festivals.
-Olympic Coast Paddle-Surf-Fish-Cleanup photo/video shoot with Fred Marmsater.
-Oregon Coast Cleanup

September 2013:
-Public Paddle & Presentation for Tillamook Estuary Partnership.
-Fulfillment of Kickstarter backer rewards. 

October 2013:
-Coaching, Presentation, Cleanup Contest at Lumpy Waters Symposium.

We hope to spend a few months over the winter and early spring traveling to support the film project and giving presentations before we gear up for our next big project which is still in the planning phase at the moment. We will announce it to the public in early 2014!

We are extremely grateful for everyone's support to help spread the OSOM message around the world and we will continue to work hard to honor that support.

Thank you from all of us!

-Jason, Shay, & Chris
(Team OSOM)

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