Monday, October 1, 2012

Perfect Day Project Update

Here is a quick-edit teaser from our "Perfect Day" shoot last week at the Oregon Coast. Although we had an amazing time kayak touring, surfing, and fishing, we were jinxed with heavy fog the entire time. It was great fun sharing the experience with everyone involved, but not quite "perfect".

Anyone who lives in the Pacific Northwest US knows that when the sun shines, nothing can match the grand beauty of the coast. But when it's socked in with fog, you can't help wanting to curl up next to the fire and hibernate.

That's not exactly what we're going for, so we're hoping for blinding sunshine when we attempt to capture our vision of the "Perfect Day" after Alder Creek's Lumpy Waters Symposium October 19-21. Chris and Jason will be coaching, Shay is helping Alder Creek with logistics, and we'll be putting on another 30 Minute Beach Cleanup Contest as well.

Keep your fingers crossed for blue skies and clean waves! Until then, enjoy the video.

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